1. Tax Advisory & Tax Strategy

Bespoke Tax Solutions

Germuth Tax Advisory provides personalised partner-level advice. We advise owner-run companies (SMEs), international groups with branches in Austria, foundations, property companies as well as freelancers (lawyers and doctors).

Our advice and tax strategies are as individual as our clients. We don't work with templates. We hold face-to-face meetings with our clients to ensure that we understand their financial circumstances and needs as well as their business plans. On the basis of this information, we offer them tailored advice and work with them to develop appropriate tax strategies. In this way, we make sure that our wealth of knowledge and experience is put to the best possible use for our clients.

We value partnership and two-way communication in our consultations, and will gladly serve as a partner for fundamental economic decisions as well.

On-Point advice is what we do

We won't just provide information about tax conditions and present the pros and cons of certain actions. We won't hide behind tax legislation or give long-winded explanations of complex matters. What we will do is translate complicated tax issues into simple language that you can understand. You can trust us to provide clear, well-founded recommendations.

Some see risks, we see opportunities

We will focus on finding a solution that is in your best interest – we don't just identify risks, but opportunities and potential as well. After all, tax strategies can only be effective if they are both reliable and target-oriented.

And that's precisely what we can offer you. We will never lose sight of your targets.

Every labyrinth has its Minotaur

To misquote Goethe's Faust, "He who ever strives with all his might, that man we can tax!" Taxes are inevitable, and the tax landscape is subject to constant change due to the ongoing nature of legislative developments. Our mission is to serve as your tax radar. We will actively make you aware as soon as possible of opportunities and risks resulting from changes to legal conditions or to requirements within your company that have an impact on your tax arrangements. This means that you can focus on developing your business while we take care of your fiscal interests.

2. Optimising and reorganising your company structure

Tax solutions from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

The key factor in the success of any tax strategy is an optimised company structure. If the structure does not fit perfectly with the circumstances of your company, you will be missing out on tax advantages.

Companies are living, evolving entities. They respond to markets and keep growing and developing. Company structures, on the other hand, are rigid constructs. (It is often apparent that companies have outgrown their original company structure, leaving them looking like adults still wearing the clothes they wore as children – immobile and with insufficient coverage.)

It is therefore important to scrutinise the existing structure on a regular basis and adapt or optimise it as necessary. Owner-run companies in particular should ensure that the structure of their company is tailored to their needs.

Moving away from long-standing company structures in favour of new, optimised configurations can often offer a competitive advantage as well, as it allows you to respond promptly to market and growth opportunities.

Optimising the company's legal status may be advisable due to short-term changes within or outside the company, or for reasons relating to long-term strategic decisions and plans. There are other possible factors too: a change to the volume of business or ownership structure, a case of company succession or a new area of activity may also mean that a new legal status is required, bringing financial benefits with it.

Finding the optimum legal status or company structure is essential not just for existing companies, but also for self-employed people and freelancers who are looking to join forces with others. We can advise you and help you to determine which legal status is the best match for your partnership and its business and plans.

When it comes to optimising and reorganising company structures in your interest, our priority is to ensure efficiency and legal certainty.

We will gladly advise you with regard to optimising your company structure.


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