Ongoing Services

Alongside strategic tax advice, Germuth Tax Advisory also offers ongoing services such as payroll, accounting and preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, all at the very highest level.


Payroll/personnel accounting entails a number of time-consuming routine tasks and requires in-depth legal knowledge and lots of practical experience. It encompasses the complex field of tax law as well as factors relating to employment law and social insurance. In order to provide legal certainty for employers, payroll processes must always comply with the latest legal provisions.

Our payroll team will advise you on all matters relating to registration and deregistration of employees, salary classification and calculation, sick pay and leave entitlement as well as bonus payments and fringe benefits. The relevant tasks will be completed promptly and reliably in line with your needs.


Ongoing accounting is a time-consuming but legally required task. A company's accounts must be kept fully updated in line with the relevant regulations at all times. The field of accounting is subject to legally stipulated conditions and deadlines which must be adhered to. Aside from this, accounting forms the backbone and foundation of controlling and other company processes, which is why every business owner should strive to ensure quality and order in this area – the Achilles' heel of every company.

The field of financial accounting includes document entry, cost planning and success monitoring, all of which must be carried out to a high standard. Another task that our accounting team will carry out for you is reporting. You will be kept updated with regard to the financial situation, comparison periods, outstanding items and other matters at a level of granularity that suits you. Without professional, well-organised accounting and meaningful reporting, it becomes impossible to run a business effectively. A high level of expertise and conscientiousness is required in this area in order to keep the company on the right track.

Our accounting team is highly professional and extremely experienced and will happily adapt to your individual needs and processes. You decide how much of the accounting work you want to delegate and which key figures you would like regular updates on. And we'll take care of the rest.

Annual financial statements

For certain types of company, annual financial statements – including a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, notes and management report – must be prepared as a legal requirement. The annual financial statements serve as the basis for the taxation of a company and are also an important tool when it comes to making future plans.

If you task us with preparing your annual financial statements, not only will we prepare the balance sheet correctly and accurately in line with all applicable legal provisions, but we will also present and interpret the figures for you such that you are able to derive important insights for your company. If you wish, we can also help you with future strategic planning and optimisation on the basis of these analyses.

Tax returns

In your tax return, we will provide the tax authorities with the necessary information to calculate the amount of tax you owe or are owed, in consultation with you and in line with our agreed tax strategy. VAT also comes under this area. We will keep track of all legally stipulated deadlines and forms, take care of all of the administrative work and communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf. When it comes to managing your tax burden, our aim is always to optimise the payments to the tax authorities in your interest.

If you need help with ongoing accounting activities or with preparing your annual financial statements or tax returns,
we are here to help.


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